1. How do I select user type (Freelancer or Employer) during registration?

    When user register as a member, both role will apply to the user. You can switch from one role to another from member dashboard page. While it is normally assumed that user is either a Freelancer or an Employer, it might be a case that user want to offer a project (as an Employer) and at the same time work on someone else project (as a Freelancer). By having both role in one registration, user can switch role at anytime and manage their projects and services from the same dashboard.

  2. Freelancer vs Employer?

    Freelancer works on projects which offer by Employer. Freelancer also offer services which can be purchased by Employer. Employer offer projects which Freelancer chooses to work on. Employer can purchase services offer by Freelancer. As a user is both a Freelancer and an Employer (depending on what they do). They can create project or work on project, create service and work on a service.

  3. Project vs Service?

    Project is a term used to describe a work offered by an Employer who seeks help on certain tasks. Freelancer can communicate with Employer to offer his/her skill to work on the project. Service is a task offered by Freelancer based on their skillset. Employer can choose the service if its meet his/her requirements for the task to be done.

  4. What is Bump up?

    If a user wants to bump up (Push up) any an old project (Employer) or a service (Freelancer) then he can do it easily from the dashboard and the system will update the project/service date to the current date and time and the project/service will be up to the list. This Bump up token is available depending on the package selected. The token is displayed on the dashboard.

  5. How to delete my account?

    You can delete your account from the member dashboard. All information related to the account will be deleted. You can always register again at any time.

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